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Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.


Q: Can a Firefighter/Paramedic get an Associate Degree in EMS at HCI for advancement purpose?

A: Yes. 


Q: Does HCI offer the Associate Degree in EMS online? If so, how long is the program?

A: Yes, HCI offers a fully online Associate of Science Degree in EMS for Paramedics. There are 5 courses that take 2 semesters, or approximately 30 weeks to complete. 


Q: I am a working adult and don't have much time to attend school. What types of schedules are available at HCI?

A: HCI is known for having convenient class schedules for working adults. Our BSN program is fully online so our students have much flexibility in taking their classes. Our RN students attend class on campus 1 day per week with 1-2 additional days of clinical rotations. Our Paramedic and EMT students attend class on campus 2 days per week with 1-2 days of ride times in the field to gain practical experience. HCI is known for having a Firefighter-friendly schedule.


Q: How often does HCI start classes?

A: HCI starts classes every 15 weeks or January, May and September. BSN classes start more often. Prospective students should visit the campus to learn more about our convenient schedules.


Q: What does it cost to go to school?

A: HCI generally charges tuition below comparable schools in the area. Since each program has different tuition rates, students are encouraged to visit the school to arrange for a tour and learn about our various tuition payment plans.

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